The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation wishes you a very happy year 2015 !


In 2014, 20 years after his departure, the Foundation wished to pay tribute to Professor Lejeune. It inaugurated a cycle of events in April to retrace “20 years of scientific and ethical challenges”.

20 years later, actions to assist the weakest remain more necessary than ever.

The past year has been very full, what with actions serving research on genetic intellectual diseases as well as patients and their families, and the respect of life.
The work undertaken to change the way people with Down Syndrome are seen by others, to reaffirm their qualities and capabilities, and promote the values of life never stops.

Everyone plays a part in building the edifice: patients, families, the teams of the Institute and of the Foundation, the volunteers who offer their free time; some participate through research work, and others by supporting the Foundation so faithfully.

It is by bringing our efforts together towards the same goal, with perseverance and confidence that we will succeed! For 2015, let us wish each other to do everything we can to support the weakest, those Jérôme Lejeune used to call his “young friends”.

Researching a treatment for Down Syndrome is within the reach of researchers because, as Jérôme Lejeune used to say, “it is an intellectual effort much less difficult than sending a man on the moon.

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation wishes you all an excellent year and thanks you most warmly for your support and generosity.