”We are all a Vincent Lambert” Jean-Marie Le Méné’s editorial



By the time you receive this letter, a man will already have been subjected to two attempts of euthanasia by the hospital and one death sentence by the State Council, temporarily suspended thanks to its referral to the European Court of Human Rights. From January 21st, a first draft law issued from the Léonetti-Claeys law, aiming at legalizing euthanasia without actually admitting it, will be discussed. On January 29th, a second draft law written by the group “Europe-Ecologie-Les-Verts” (European ecologist party), this one aiming at legalizing euthanasia and admitting it, will be discussed.

Each one of these two texts will definitively seal this man’s fate. This injured man, who is not dying, but is simply in a minimally conscious state, is thus facing five death sentences. And that is without counting the decision expected from the European Court of Human Rights who adjudicated over his case on January 7th. Let’s just say, it is unlikely he comes out of all this alive. This man is Vincent Lambert. He is the most-condemned innocent man in France. His father, an 80-year-old doctor, checks on him every morning to make sure his food and hydration, abusively considered as treatment, haven’t being taken away by the hospital. His mother spends hours trying to catch his eye; the eye of a man who is not in pain but is capable of expressing discomfort or serenity, the eye of a man who has a soul.

Tomorrow, if we do not do anything about it, not only Vincent Lambert, but with him 1500 people currently in the same minimally conscious state could be executed by the medical body that takes its orders from public authority, which has already condemned the patients using the following terms: “One could be entitled to believe that these people would qualify the situation they are in as unreasonable obstinacy if they could express themselves”. In other words, these people, still alive but unable to express their wishes, are assumed to have chosen euthanasia!

The country in which all this is going on is not Germany in the 30s, but France.

Our country, which has turned “abortion as an exception” into a fundamental right will also turn “euthanasia as an exception” into a fundamental right because human lives have become a “material that needs administering”. Beware of making an amalgam! Such is the warning given to us by great thinkers who advise us not to make the comparison. Yet comparison is what enables us to anticipate a well-known scenario and summons us to resist on a political level.

Because forty years later, Vincent Lambert’s trial is to euthanasia what Bobigny’s trial was to abortion.

Because as well as Vincent Lambert, there are people with brain damage, extremely premature babies, children with serious diseases, people with mental disabilities, people with Down Syndrome, etc. whose lives are not considered to be worth living by the state.

Because this concerns every one of us, to whom it will be asked to write down “advance directives” to “organise” the end of our lives, preferably making them shorter rather than longer…
Because the medical body, who has already given in to abortion is also ready to give in to euthanasia, without any objection of conscience… Because we do not want to have anything to do with this “deep and continuous sedation” which does not dare admit it is the flag of convenience used to hide euthanasia.

Because in January, between the 21st and the 29th, there is the 25th, day of the Walk for Life.

Because marching down the street is a political act when all politics seem to be gone.

We shall be saying no to the control of life by the state, from abortion to euthanasia.
Because we are all a Vincent Lambert.