The Sisley d’Ornano Foundation and the Jerome Lejeune Foundation join their efforts to fund for academic research dedicated to bettering our understanding on cross neurological pathologies, epidemiological analysis, risks and threats and physiopathology and potential therapies between Down syndrome and other pathologies developed by population such as and not exclusively limited to Alzheimer disease, dementia and autism. This process is built in accordance to the European Chart referenced on the following link.

The Sisley d’Ornano Foundation and the  Jerome Lejeune Foundation are offering one Post-Doctoral Fellowship to outstanding researcher. The work will have to begin in 2017.


 Please find hereafter the link for more details concerning this application:



The candidates should be presented by institutions/Research Units and hosted by them.

One candidate will be selected early 2017.  Deadline for submission: 2016, Dec 15.

Another postdoctoral application process will be put in place end of 2017 to select another candidate.



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