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Ségolène, Robin and Inès,

the 3 French actors of the video #DearFutureMom, answer out question

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"Nous trouverons, c’est un effort beaucoup moins important
que d’envoyer un homme sur la lune"

Professeur Jérôme Lejeune, à propos d'un traitement pour la trisomie 21

“Persons with Down syndrome: Towards better practices in fighting discrimination and favoring inclusion”

The Republic of Poland, the Republic of the Philippines, the Argentine Republic, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Panama

Charlotte, young woman with down syndrome, answers to Mr Ben Achour

Mr Ben Achour, expert of the Human Rights Committee of the UN, has made a speech in favour of prenatal eradication of people with Down syndrome.

CiBleS 21: A new step forward

By simple observation and deduction Jérôme Lejeune believed that the gene CBS1 must be on the chromosome 21 and could

Chère future Maman

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