Ségolène, Robin and Inès,

the 3 French actors of the video #DearFutureMom, answer out question

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2017/01/16 to 2017/03/06

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"We will find. It will take much less intellectual effort
than sending a man to the Moon."

Professeur Jérôme Lejeune, à propos d'un traitement pour la trisomie 21

CiBleS 21: A new step forward

By simple observation and deduction Jérôme Lejeune believed that the gene CBS1 must be on the chromosome 21 and could

Speech therapists: vital practitioners

Focus on a practitioner, vital for the improvement of patient’s communication and the advice they provide to families. Thérèse Reichert

Dyrk1A, the flagship gene of Saint Malo’s international scientific conference

Several research teams around the world are interested in one aspect or another of the gene Dyrk1a […]

Conference Stop Discriminating Down at the UNO (Geneva) from March 20th 2017

2pm. The room is full and the conference about to start. People are still standing around in the hall. Technicians

Dear Future Mom

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