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The Scientific Advisory Board of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation selects research projects that are both directly linked to the scientific purpose of the Foundation and with requirements of innovation and scientifically relevant. It includes an all-volunteer team of scientific representatives from the Academic and medical world. These experts offer their skills and their times together with the Jerôme Lejeune Foundation to support research in genetic intellectual disability. 

It organises its meetings around calls for grants several times a year. Calls are being and answered by scientists. The SAB selects the best projects and makes recommandations to the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation board of Directors to allocate grants. The final say is upon the decision of the board of Directors.   





Yann HERAULT mini   img-main-Mircher

Yann Hérault

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory

Dr Mircher

is a genetics specialist and practitioner
at the Jérôme Lejeune Institute







Barbara Bardoni : Genetics – University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis

Jacqui Beckmann : Genetics – University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Pierre Billuart : Medical genetics – Paris

Marc Blondel : Cell biology – Brest

Jean-Maurice Delabar : Neuroscience – Paris

Albertina De Sario : Laboratory of genetics for rare diseases – Montpellier

Alexandra Henrion-Caude : Genetics – Paris

Yann Hérault : Chairman of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation Scientific Advisory Board – Mouse Clinical Institute (MCI) – Illkirch

Pierre Kamoun : Biochemistry and molecular biology – Paris

Olivier Manzoni : Neuroscience – Marseille

Andre Mégarbané : Medical genetics – Paris

Clotilde Mircher : Medical genetics – Paris

Fanny Mochel : Metabolism and genetics – Paris

Hervé Moine : Translational medicine and neurogenetics – Illkirch

Juan Narbona Garcia : Neuropediatrics – Pamplona (Spain)

Vincent des Portes : Neuropediatrics – Bron/Lyon

Marie-Claude Potier : Honorary chairman of the Jerome Lejeune Foundation Scientific Advisory Board – Neurobiology – Paris

Aimé Ravel : Medical genetics – Paris

Anne-Sophie Rebillat : Geriatrician – Paris

Daniel Satgé : Anatomic pathology – Saint-Etienne

Emilie Schlumberger : Pediatric neurology – Garches

Michel Simonneau : Psychiatry & neuroscience – Paris

Pierre-Marie Sinet : Molecular biology, Medical genetics – Paris

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