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Research objectives

Regard noisette

On your marks, get set... find !

  • Therapeutic research is a marathon. Finding a treatment that will improve or even correct the intellectual disability related to various genetic disorders including Down syndrome is an urgent matter.

  • The Foundation, by following the trail blazed by Professor Lejeune, is part of this race in the service of patients and future generations.

  • The research programmes are aimed both at fundamental research on cells, on animal models, and applied research on humans. The latter includes clinical research with hands-on programmes like the Acthyf study, currently underway.

When research efforts aimed at a disease become progress for everyone to share

  • Fundamental and clinical research produces scientific and medical information to better understand and treat many genetic intelligence disorders, as well as for other pathologies.

  • Patients carrying Down syndrome suffer from concomitant diseases. Therefore, by studying, monitoring and treating their symptoms, healthcare professionals also make progress in understanding other illnesses: Alzheimer, diabetes, cancer, etc. The synergies between the medical fields are the focus of the actions conducted around research on genetic intelligence disorders: neurobiology, cancer, neuropsychology, dermatology, speech therapy, immunology, etc… The discovery of treatments for these illnesses will benefit all these patients. Regarding Down syndrome for instance, many related diseases exist.

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