December’s editorial from Jean-Marie Le Méné

Jean-Marie Le Méné editorial, President of Jérôme Lejeune Fondation, for the letter of Fondation of december (completed on the 11/10/2015). – Twitter : @jmlemene


People are calling for hope like dying people call for water. There are countless people in need of hope, countless requests for reasons to hope and for signs of hope that can be seen as thousands of help messages thrown into the sea. What can still keep us standing? People want to live, but their hope has been killed, so they are dying. Moved by a last instinct for survival, they ask for a last breath of hope. What will they be given?

The worst is lying while showing ersatz of hope everywhere. These specialists of cheap illusions are dangerous, they hasten a death of which they refuse to see the causes. Let us not forget Péguy: “Faith goes without saying, so does charity, but not hope. Hope is what is really difficult.” Let us remember Bernarnos: “One only reaches hope through truth, at great effort. To find hope, one must have gone beyond despair. When one goes right to the bottom of darkness, one finds a new dawn”. But one cannot sacrifice the truth of darkness to the hope of dawn.

The darkness we have to face, is the darkness of man. The presence of man in the world used to be a cornerstone, an axe, a pivot. Nowadays, man has been thrust to the side. He is part of the vast proliferation of the living. The importance of man is no longer unique: man is worth more in bits than as a whole. Anything can be bought and sold in a man. Man is crumbling, but the crumbs remain, and each person is worth his weight in gold. The authoritarian state has been replaced by an authoritarian market. Transhumanism, based on technology, profit and evolutionism announces the inevitable changeover of man towards another species. An augmented species, at last rid of its beginning and end of life imperfections. We are right in the middle of it right now. Our society has signed in. Every day it produces laws that follow that path.

The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation is at the heart of this apocalyptic battle. The apocalypse, an unveiling of the truth in a catastrophe that is not sad but exhilarating. The truth is that hope only rimes with birth and childhood. There is nothing childish or infantile in this statement. The only true renewal is the unicity of a person born from a loving alterity in order to enlarge the human fraternity. We know very well that if we let go of this “amazing meaning of human life”, we give up everything and there is no longer any reason to hope. In what name should a woman be prevented from aborting, a doctor from definitively putting an old man to sleep or terminating a disabled person, people from giving up ideas of purchasing their embryos on a catalogue? Every day, the Foundation goes through the darkness of contempt experienced by the weakest, and takes them to a place of light.

This is our hope and it must also be yours. Because, make no mistake, we are worth no more -no less- than the weakest. Our lives, the same as theirs, is threatened. We have entered into an interdependence of vulnerability regulated by the market. This time, in which nothing -and especially not hope- seems obvious, is a good thing in the sense that it obliges us to go back to what is real: the miracle of birth (Hannah Arendt) and the fight “for the visible miracles as though they were invisible” (Chesterton)”.

Jean-Marie Le Méné,

President of Jérôme Lejeune Fondation