Karrie Brown the new Down’s syndrome trendsetter



Sue Brown, mother of Karrie Brown, answers the Foundation Jérôme Lejeune and gives a testimonial of her daughter’s life.

FJL : Could you introduce yourself and your family ? What are the relation you get with Karrie ? Could you introduce her ?

Sue Brown : Karrie Brown is like most 17 year old girls. She loves shopping for clothes, listening to music, and dancing. Karrie is on the honor roll at her high school. She volunteers at the YMCA day camp program, working with children. But unlike most teens her age, she has had a professional photo shoot with a national clothing company. She also has Down syndrome. Karrie lives with her mom, Sue, in Collinsville, IL, USA. She has a sister, Kate, who lives in Los Angeles, California.

FJL : A special event occurred this year, could you tell us how the experience began? what was the starter?

Sue Brown :In August of this year, Karrie’s mom posted a picture of Karrie on Facebook for her first day of her junior year in high school. By later that day, Sue had received many responses from other moms of teenaged girls with Down syndrome asking where Karrie gets her clothes. She answered Wet Seal, a clothing store that had stylish clothes that fit the typical body shape of girls with Down syndrome. Sue also mentioned that Karrie’s dream is to be a model for Wet Seal. A friend convinced her to set up a Facebook page, showing Karrie everyday in different outfits. Wet Seal took notice and sent for Karrie and her mom to travel to California for a professional shoot.

FJL : Do you want to deliver any particular message doing that ? 

Sue Brown : Karrie and her mom have a message that they would like to have others understand. People with Down syndrome also have hopes and dreams. People with Down syndrome can also achieve many things. Having a diagnosis of Down syndrome does not mean the person will not live a wonderful life.

FJL : Is that a hobby or does she want to have a career?

Sue Brown : Karrie hopes to have a career in representing an attitude of “keep trying and believe”.

FJL : How is the way the people are looking to your daughter since this experience? Did you notice any change?

People look at Karrie now as a trendsetter. They can see she is more than her diagnosis of Down syndrome. They are taking more time to learn about her.

FJL : Do you (or Karrie) get a special message for the people following and supporting the French Jérôme Lejeune foundation ?

Sue Brown : Karrie and me would like people to know that people should have a level of expectation for people with Down syndrome. That people should not just be passed over because of having Down syndrome. Karrie, like many other people with Down syndrome, have much to offer the world in spite of a diagnosis.


Karrie’s Facebook Page :  Karrie Brown – Modeling the Future