Law on abortion getting worse: the dictatorship of happiness leads to death.


Last 26th June, in the final reading, the Parliament voted in favour of the Law on equality between men and women. The proceedings ended in general indifference. The project contains articles making the law on abortion worse than it already is. The articles have taken away the notion of “situation of distress” and extended the offense of abortion impediment to information. 

Supressing the notion of « situation of distress » : a major upset.

The constitutionalist Bertrand Mathieu wrote about this modification: “On the level of principles it is a major upset because what is at stake is the place our society gives to life” (Interview in the magazine La Croix, December 20th, 2013).

Supressing the notion of “distress” leads to serious changes:

The normalization of abortion was already well anchored in minds and practice but these new articles include abortion out of convenience, in the law itself;

It seeks at making abortion a right (though, until now, abortion had always been a derogation to the fundamental principle of the respect of human beings from the very beginning of their lives, inscribed in the article 16 of the Civil Code);

It settles the idea that disposing of one’s body is a right, this leading to demands such as gestational surrogacy or prostitution;

It makes abortion based on eugenics legitimate. The changes which are occurring are all the more preoccupying as, like Pr. Bertrand reminds us, “there would be no more conditions left for a judicial review of abortion during the first 12 weeks, a delay during which information about the foetus is becoming easier and easier to get thanks to prenatal diagnosis”. Abortion will turn into the refusal of the child “because” of such or such pathology or predisposition, which did not use to be the case. This liberal-libertarian evolution will make the frontier between abortion and abortion on medical grounds very unclear and abortion will be carried out for eugenic reasons.

 Extending the offense of abortion impediment to information: an infringement to the liberty of expression

Questioned by the Chaîne Parlementaire (French Parliamentary Channel) June 30th, it is indeed the position Najat Vallaut Belkacem’s defends. To a young women wanting to abort, the minister would answer: “I would reassure her, I would tell her that life does not end there; a child turning up when he is not wanted is an unhappy child”.

The dictatorship of happiness leads to death.

 From abortion to euthanasia

In France, abortion is the gold standard to which all social reforms are compared. What is at stake is revealed in the interview with Pr. Bertrand Mathieu (quoted further up): Relegating the respect of the protection of life to the back seat is not without consequences in others domains. If we were to walk towards the decriminalization of euthanasia, there is a risk that the logic would end up being the same after a couple of years: “it would start off as an “exception “justified by very particular conditions of suffering and incurability but would end up being a full right”.