Rebecca princess of our hearts



Rebecca. This is the story of a little blue-eyed girl who grew up in a country in the very heart of the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand, a land where people enjoy simply contemplating the horizon where sea and sky gently merge. It is about the everyday life of a family whose « home sweet home » has a view on the sea and lies right in the middle of an ochre and Sienna coloured countryside.

Five years ago, Rae and Mike’s quiet home was upset by the birth of a little girl. This long-desired, first child was born with three chromosomes 21 instead of the usual pair. Her parents named her Rebecca. This little girl has completely taken over her parents’ heart who marvel day after day over their princess, their little sunshine.

As soon as she is in contact with water, Rebecca becomes fully herself. The waves from the ocean, the quiet lapping of the pool water or the jacuzzi bubbles, anything is an excuse to have fun! Does she not give you her prettiest smile when hoping you will read her favourite book or when wanting to sit in front of « Dora the explorer »? As soon as she tries you give in… and in return give her one of your nicest smiles. That is how Rebecca enters your heart.

Since they have had Rebecca, Rae and Mike have also discovered the discrimination that goes on against people living with Down Syndrome. For his daughter, Mike set out on a crusade. He needed a fair amount of courage and determination to take legal action against the New-Zealand government reminding them of their mission to defend all citizens without discrimination.

In his favour, Mike has the unwavering support of his wife Rae from whom he draws his strength! Together, they started this « David against Goliath » battle to prevent « « the persecution of a predetermined group of the civil population by preventing their birth”. The couple would do absolutely anything to defend those kids.