#Socksbattle4DS: Socks battle for Down Syndrome


The Jérôme Lejeune Foundation and the World Youth Alliance are launching a European campaign on social networks for the World Down Syndrome Day. We invite you to wear mismatched socks during this campaign.

The goal?

Wearing mismatched socks is a fun and simple way of getting people to reflect on difference. People are thus encouraged to question their perception of people with Down syndrome for the World Down Syndrome Day, on the 21st of March.

If you think that difference is an enrichment for our society, “being different is normal”, say so with socks! If you want to support the cause of people with Down syndrome, do so on the 21st of March and join the campaign!

How to join us?

Wear mismatched socks with lively colours and publish them on social networks using the keyword #Socksbattle4DS
The mobilisation starts on the 4th of March and will end on Saturday the 21st of March, International Down Syndrome Day.


  1. Put unpaired socks on
  2. Take a picture
  3. Share on Facebook and Twitter (or send to photos@fondationlejeune.org) using the keyword « #Socksbattle4DS»
  4.  Invite your friends to do the same

Share your photos of unpaired socks on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Those who wish to do so can use the badge on their profile pictures by clicking here.
  • Invite your friends to do the same by inviting them to the Facebook event.
  • Those who aren’t on social networks can send their photos to photos@fondationlejeune.org, and we’ll publish them!

Each and every photo counts,

So get started!

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